27 Dec

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Adeniyi Oluwaseyi

The quest to start a business is one fundamental need of any aspiring entrepreneur. Even in recent times people who have paid jobs seems to have interest in business and suddenly develop a mind strong enough to venture into enterprises in order to supplement their monthly pay. But one thing seems to be the challenge and that is their inability to bring up an idea. And at times the challenge does not lie in lack of ideas, but their inability to pick them has something meaningful to run with.

Sometime ago a friend met me telling me how he wish to start a business but lack an idea. After much talk I was able to make him understand that he does not lack ideas but he is insensitive enough to pick them up. That’s just the truth, every individual is built in a way that we all have the ability to perceive changes, develop taste, and having the inner ability to come up with new things. These traits are just natural and part of everyone, just that its functionality depends on how well you develop it.

The bed rock of every kind of business is idea. Without idea business will cease to exist. But one fact still stand and this idea are not good enough without it been built, pursued and maximized. The generation of ideas is not really a big deal because we live in idea, speak ideas, eat in ideas, sleep in idea, discuss ideas, play with ideas and sometime sell them out ignorantly for free without us knowing.
The truth also stands that all our existence is based on idea. Without ideas we will all be living in the Dark Age. Without wasting time let me put you through a list of how you can generate ideas with ease. Enjoy:
• Observation: this has been one of the major avenue by which I have generated several ideas. The eye is the window to our mind. So what we see makes up more of what we tend to perceive. Most idea are from what our eye caught on several occasion, some time on the road, street, market place, hospitals etc.

• Replication: there is truly nothing new under the sun. There is nothing you intend to do that someone somewhere has not done before now. Most time we stress the brain on nothing. There are good ideas somewhere that have not been explore in your surrounding for some reasons. Maybe because it has not been discovered by people in your immediate surroundings.
So in order to bring up with something unique in your immediate environs does not need much work. It just needs you to be more sensitive. Most time we travel and see one or two things that amaze us but give no proper attention to it. That which we neglect most time are the keys to the successes we’ve been seeking all day long.

• Intuition/inspiration: am sure you sometime back or even in the present have some flashes of ideas (hutches) through our minds. But the problem most people have is that they are not sensitive enough to pick up these signals. In real sense most of these hutches are not new things but they are things we’ve once encountered in time past that just flashes back through minds.

• Ask: in time past I have given away good ideas conscientiously and unconscientiously. Also I have been privileged to access some very good ideas both in the past and the present because I took the pain to ask people questions. It’s just simple, not too many people will be will to let out ideas, knowledge without been consulted.

• Buy: there are situations where some people with quality ideas will never release what they have to you unless you are willing to part away with something. At times life is met to be in such a manner. You should not always expect everything to be freely given to you. Free food is not the best kind of food to take always because they might be lacking in some vital vitamin and essential nutrients. Always be willing to invest in quality things.

• Partnership: to be financially buoyant and to be rich in ideas are two different things entirely. Some people have the money but lack what to use it for while some others have the ideas but lack the finance to bring it into reality. You can be one of them. Whatever group you belong to, you can find person with the other half of you to compliment you. Just that you should be wise enough to build such partnership on mutual agreement.

• Seek problems: most of the world successful fellows are not super beings, they are just normal people like us who took their time and energy to find a loop hole, a need and thereafter find a way to fill it up. If you can look long enough you will find vital human needs that had not been taken care of. In there lies numerous ideas you can exploit at convenience.

I hope you find the article educative. Feel free to drop your comment. It will be highly appreciated and forget to share it with your friends and family too. This might just add to their knowledge base and help them sometime soon.

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23 Dec


No matter the differences in definition and individual ideas on poultry it will be noted that they all lead to one particular concept; which is the rearing of birds. But one thing that might stand as a distinctive factor among the different definition is the reason or the purpose for which the individual or farmer setup the said enterprise.
Poultry business is very lucrative, profitable or enterprising but the same time challenging because it needs a lot of commitment, focus, patience and sensitivity. The enterprise is more like every other business. The amount of time, care and finance you commit to it will also define what you get in return.
One of the reasons why poultry business is said to be lucrative, enterprising and profitable is because of the fact that poultry products are important food essential which man can’t do without. The needs for poultry products are on the high side. Homes, restaurants, bakeries and other allied businesses can’t do without it. And the inadequate supply of the low preference of other source of protein has called for the need for the production of poultry products.
In this article, am going to touch some basic aspect of poultry farming. First and foremost let me touch the reason why you should embark on poultry farm:


• SOURCE OF FOOD: Among the three basic human needs food stand as one of them. Poultry gives meat and egg as its major products. So, it depends on an individual, you can rear the birds on a subsistence level .i.e. just for your immediate family consumption only.
• SOURCE OF INCOME: This had been one of the major reasons for setting up a poultry farm. The products derived from the production can be sold either processed or unprocessed depending on your original laid out plan, motive, demands and market structure.
• RESEARCH PURPOSES: many research institutes embark on this venture not for the purpose of selling or consumption but with the aim of getting improved varieties for farmers in order to boost their production in term of quality and quantity.
• HOBBY: there are individuals who embarks on some certain enterprise not for the profitability alone, but because they enjoy doing it. So intention varies from one individual to another. Above all it’s always good you define your intention properly in order to know the basic requirements and steps to take at each stage.


23 Dec

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Importation business is no more as usual, just as the world is taking a new turn day after day. Retailers in importation business and in other sphere of the business sector now understands what it means to make and have more cash either to boost their enterprises or fetch themselves the luxuries that life have in stock. Yes, the comfortable life of the rich is one thing most coveted by everyone either in the business world or otherwise. The luxury of taking vacations in the Caribbean is more than just a dream now, living in a beautiful home and riding an exotic car is also a more realistic goal as everyone now find ways to do things better and get the larger part of the share.
Apart from been lucrative, importation business is an interesting kind of business to do because is sky rocket your income and boost your life if only you know the inns and outs of importing and distribution. Importation gives you so many privileges which other business might offer and might never offer you.
Firstly, the need to follow the normal business chain:

Bulk wholesaler



Final consumer
If we have to analysis this chain you will observe that as a mini wholesaler or retailer you have little opportunity to maximize your profit because before the goods actually reaches you the price per product might even have doubled the price from the manufacturer or the bulk wholesalers. So you are left little power to inflate or actually make more profits from the goods imported because the profits are already share between those before you.


Sometime ago I made a research and found out that before the product reaches the retailers the money added to the goods during sales by the wholesalers, importers and some time another mini wholesaler can purchase twice that product. Which means there are about an hundred percent to hundred and fifty percent addition before it finally gets to you as a retailer. So possibly, it’s the retailer and consumers that pays a great deal to get these products. So as the retailer you are, the money you lose along the line, if added to your business can actually go a long way into transforming, enlarge and establish it.
So now, imagine yourself importing those products at a very low price and reselling it directly to your customers at the original market price. How much do you thing think you will make more? I guess you can answer the question. The profitability in any business is when the person in charge is able to maximize his sales which will also enable him to boost his purchasing power.
For an individual to maximize profit, he must be ready to move up the line of the chain. Yes, there is a ready chance for you to cut out two potential threats to your profitability and thereafter claim their gain alongside yours. But this can only be possible if you can only take the chances and move ahead of your competitions and those above you in the long chain of production.
Importation business can be very profitable if you only take your time to know the cons and pros of the business. And part of it is how to bypass some of the major players and be the key person in the game. Imagine yourself importing directly from the manufacturer (factory) or the bulk wholesalers. Think of the profit margin you will be opportune to claim without much work. All these are only possible if you can step out of your comfort zone and fears and move ahead of your competitions.

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20 Nov

Written by
Adeniyi Oluwaseyi

The world of business had been taken to be the buy and sell stuff. Business now has no definite definition anymore. Anything enterprise at all is now termed business or trade. Some time ago, I over in the news when a group of arrested armed men call their venture a business. Sure, it is a business because it is an occupation even though it is illegal and unlawful.

The search for money, pleasure, personal interests and profits had lead many individual to define what ever enterprise they engage in that which tends to bring in small cash per time as a business which it is in the real sense. The truth remains that business cease to be one if the major purpose for establishing it is defeated or unrealistic. defines business as an organization or economics system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. If further explained that business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit.

So in essence business lacks its most important ingredient once there is no goods or service to be rendered, secondly when no profit is realized in the venture. Thirdly, the world of business is beyond a personal interest, it’s now a form of advance communication which is rooted in a mutual gain.

The moment you start or involve in a venture that lacks this form of interest where the both party are mutual beneficiary then it’s time to opt out before you lose all your interests. So before you engage in any form of enterprise it’s of importance that you check whether you vision is in line with the fundamental and basics of business startup and managements.

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31 Oct

Snail farming production enterprise is an art of rearing snails for commercial and subsistence purposes. The process of rearing snail is called helicicuiture (meaning snail culture). Snail meat is very nutritious and good for the human body. It contains most of all the essential nutrients required for healthy growth. The meat has high percentage of protein (37 to 5%), iron (45 to 59mg/kg), fat (0.05 to 0.08%) and calcium. In the medical world today a research shows that the glandular contained in edible snails causes agglutination of certain bacteria, which is of value in the combating of certain disease like the whooping cough. It’s also believed that the meat contains some properties for fighting high blood pressure, anemia.
Snails have 14 species which are: Achatina, Archachatina, Atopochochlis, Bequeartina, Burtoa, Columna, Callistpepla, Lignus, Limicollaria, Limicolariopsis, Lissachatina, Metachatina, Periderriopsis and Pseudachati. But in West Africa region, there are three major species farmers taps into and the species are Achatina achatina, Achatina fulica and Archachatina marginata. These belong to the family Achatinidae, a particular group of large land snails, originally from western, eastern, and southern Africa, with long slender shells.
Achatina achatina originates from the West African rainforest belt, from Guinea through Nigeria. A. achatina is the most prized species for consumption. Several locally discovered populations of A. achatina can be found, with variation in growth rates, size, dormancy patterns, body color and even taste. The variation in size may be explained partially by differences in the length of the aestivation period; the shorter the aestivation period, the longer the feeding period and the larger, therefore, the ecotype.

Essentially, a snail consists of two parts, the body and the shell. The body is divided into three parts – the head, the foot and the visceral mass.

Snails have a hot market both internationally (Europe and North America) and locally (Southern and Western regions). Below are summary of snail consumption in some countries of the world:
France: about 5kg/annum
Italy: 306million kg
Cote d’ivoire: 7.9 million kg
These are just little out of the various statistical data available for the overall consumption. Without doubt the market for snail is unlimited and unpredictable. In Nigeria there is no captured records for snail consumption.

Daily management of snail farm
The day to day management involves several activities:

Snails should be fed after sunset.
The feed must not be stale or mouldy.
Leftovers should be removed the following morning.
Water should be changed if trashed and replenished regularly.

You should try as much as possible avoid carrying the snails unnecessarily because it leads to stress, it can make them sick and can also retard their growth.

Check whether wire mesh and mosquito netting are intact; repair where necessary.
Clean the pens of unwanted materials, slugs, dirty.
Keep doors or covers of the snail pens always closed and locked in order to avoid escape of the snails or intruders.

Keep the soil moist by mulching and watering if necessary in the dry season.
Fresh poultry dropping concentrated and may cause harm to the snails, so never add fresh poultry droppings to the soil.
Change soil in the cages every three months if you are practicizing the intensive system of snail rearing.

Check pens for any dead snails; remove them immediately.
Do not use insecticides or herbicides in your snailery.
Handle your snails carefully and wash them with water from time to time.

Record inputs and output of your snail farm daily.
Include your own labour or that of family members, and inputs, like food or repairs to the pens.

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29 Oct

In recent times people find it hard to search for ideas to start with. most people are too busy to think out any thing, am here with a broad list of ideas from which you can hand pick and start something.
take your time, scroll through and the one you think is best for you. Good luck

1. Maintenance and repair of computers
2. Computer training and allied programs
3. Sales of recharge cards
4. Distribution of provisions
5. Creating resumes
6. Research works
7. Sales of eBooks
8. Plaiting and fixing
9. Painting/portrait drawing
10. Dry cleaning services
11. Baking services
12. Pedicure, manicure and eye lashes fixing
13. Makeup artiste
14. Book rentals
15. Web/blog design
16. Sells of computer and accessories
17. Mc/comedy
18. Dance tutor
19. Public speaking tutor
20. Mobile phone repair/sell and accessories
21. Music organ trainer
22. Business centre
23. Item branding
24. Printing and publishing services
25. Statistical data analysis
26. Driving lessons
27. Event management
28. Dj/MC/Compere job
29. Excursion organization
30. Seminar organization
31. Bulk SMS services
32. Gaming centre
33. Newspaper vendor
34. Event decoration
35. Proof reading/editing services
36. Pageant organization
37. Professional exam tutor
38. Magazine/news paper
39. Tutorial class
40. External private lessons
41. Barber shop
42. Motivational speaking
43. Bead making
44. Event organization
45. Graphic designing
46. Sales of bible and motivational book
47. Network marketing
48. Sport coaching
49. Social media manager
50. consultancy



9 Oct

Written and posted

This topic was birthed from my observation of the world around. The wish and plea for the knowledge to live a comfortable, prosperous and near perfect life has taken over many heart but the means and the how about it is the real issue. The cry over poverty and wretchedness has taken over the lips of many. Blames had now been shifted from self to the economic condition, government and employers. Everyone has forgotten the place of self in the fight towards a perfect lifestyle and comfort. We shift individual responsibility from self to families, employers and government at large. No wonder the condition and circumstances of people grew worse day after day and the situation of the people empowered with adequate knowledge is drastically improving and taking a new turn by the seconds.
There is something I got to understand some time back and that is no one will take up your responsibilities for you but they will willing to take part in your successes and victories. The fact will always remain “your fight is yours alone but your victories and successes are for everyone”. The world is truly changing as said by great minds “we are in the information age”. It will definitely be your fault if you remain stagnated at this point of your life. Information now serves as the major core value for financial success just as it is in other aspect of lives.
The five points am here to give is nothing new to any individual. Am sure it’s one of those things you regularly come across but which you have neglected out of ignorance and a carefree lifestyle. But the fact remains that same five points here forms part of the core needs for victory in the fight for financial freedom and a comfortable life in all respect.

Understand your income: incomes are cash flows. The amount of money that flows into your hands either monthly, weekly or daily is what is referred to as income in a layman language. The understanding of how much you get helps you to know the limitations and strength of your finance.
Your income dictates your living standard. Your income determines your expenditures per time. If you can really have the full knowledge of what comes into your hands you will be able to control the out flow of the same. Because the consciousness of this will guide you on any financial decision you might want to undertake both in the present and in the future.

Budgeting: the word budgeting is one of those words we hear frequently either on the TV or the radio. Budgeting serve as the foundation of every financial and business plan. Nothing actually works without budgeting in place. Jeremy Vohwinkle, the author of Budgeting 101 have this to say about budgeting; “ A good budget can help keep your spending on track and even uncover some hidden cash flow problems that might free up even more money to put toward your other financial goals”. Budgeting is beyond some tedious financial process which sucks both energy and time.
Budgeting keep your mind highly focused and give it a defined path through your spending (expenditures) and you incomes. When a budget is in place your finance is automatically put on watch and every unprompted expense can be put in check and the incoming cash can therefore be placed where required. This create a balance between outgoing and incoming and thereby cut excess spending, keep tracks of the outgoing and the direction or what it is been spent on.
Another thing a budget helps an individual to do is draw a line between “wants” and “needs”. Most time there are misconception between our wants and our needs. In real sense, not all that our heart desires are really needful. And since all you need is cut down your spending and put it on track, then you have to be able to define what you think your wants and what you also think your needs are. Your ability to do this will help you in the drafting and implementation of your budgets.
Budgeting wouldn’t just be enough if you are not committed to it. You need to have this in mind as a goal and a part of your life in order to push it through. Most people don’t really value the place of budgeting because they feel they are depriving themselves of life’s pleasures. But the real pleasure is when you are able to maximize all you have and also avoid wastage in all ramifications.

Saving: someone once said that savings is the path way to financial freedom. Some fellows see no need for savings because they felt they are working and the money is flowing. And some people also feel the more they spend the more the money comes. But the fact remains that money flows in the direction of the man/woman who knows how to put it under control. The thought that money is like a spring and that once it starts flowing it will keep flowing is a primitive mindset.
When you see a man who retire poorer than he was in years past, check him out and you will find out that such fellows are squanderers. They ate both their fruits and its seeds together.
The book “The Richest Man in Babylon” tells us more about savings. Savings are seeds placed aside for planting seasons. All you have is not for spending. Parts should be kept in reserve i.e. your savings account, some for your personal upkeep, some other for investment purpose and maybe the rest for your extended family or whatever you might have in mind.
There have been arguments between people and experts in the financial world about how much must a person saved per time, which can be either monthly, weekly, daily and in some case hourly. Some say 10%, others says 20%. But there is just one side of the argument I tend to support which is saving depends on an individual financial goal, but I also support the notion that the least an individual should save should not be less than 10% of his/her income. Depending on your desire, you can go beyond that if you can move on with the rest.
One important thing people don’t understand is that saving is the first step to financial management. If you can’t save and all you know how to do is spend then you have no financial future and therefore be ready to retire poorer than you’ve ever being.
Savings comes in many ways and there are also many reasons to save. Below are few:
Emergency purposes
Educational purposes
Luxury or vacation purposes
Retirement purposes
Investment purposes
And others

Invest your money: the call for investment cannot be write off. Investments come in diverse forms, vehicle or portfolios. What define the kind of invest you involve in is a matter of choice and their respective characteristics. I will not go deep into this but will mention some few investment portfolio you can engage in. it will all depend on you to find out more about it in order to gain deeper knowledge about it or in order word a financial expert will be your better option.
Mutual fund
Real estate
Shares, Stocks or equity
Traded life policies
Agriculture or farming
Fixed or structured deposit
Buying & selling (Retailing & wholesaling)
Production & Manufacturing

Personal development: many might actually be asking what has this have has to do with money management. The fact remain that what you don’t really know is far beyond you. Many individuals actually mismanagement all they have just because they lack the necessary knowledge and skill and how to go about it.
Knowledge is the number one requirement when it comes maximizing our resources and life in general. The simple reason why many never surpass their little challenges is simply because they are not harmed with the knowledge needed to scale through those challenges. Time has proved it that what you know goes a long way in the determination on how your life ends.
Investing at least a book per month is not too much compared to what is in stock in it for you. Many people have met that find it hard to pick up books to read always give me almost the same excuses that what most writer write are usually not applicable to their life and their environments.
One thing is certain, laws and principles are universal. The same law of gravity that we in Africa can just but obey down does not change anywhere around the world. There might be variation in the approach to situations explained but the principle serves us all. Knowledge is important and anyone who wants to grow must acquire it.

Thank you for taking your time to go through this post. Hope it blessed your soul? If so, you can SHARE it so others can have the same the privilege as you to gain this same knowledge. Your comments are highly welcome too; it will serve as an encouragement to do more. Tell me where I need to improve if any so I can serve you better.

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26 Sep


HOUSING AGENT: the prospect in house renting is high. There is no qualification really needed in order to venture into this kind of business. It’s naturally believed that its only personalities that studies principal survey, estate management and related courses are the only ones licensed to operate in such business as this. But the truth is that everyone who knows how to do the normal buying, negotiating and selling can do the business too. 

One fact about this business is that house is a necessity and a basic need of life. Man cannot do without a roof above his head. Psychologist proof it when they quotes that shelter is one thing man can’t do without in order to live comfortable, safely and health. 

Starting this business needs no startup capital in real sense. All you need is the willingness to search for empty houses around you and possibly the ones a bit distant from you. Once you are sure that the houses are vacant, it’s then wise to meet the owner of the house and make it clear to him that you are an agent, who helps people to locate houses and also help house owner to bring prospective customers to their house. Once this process is complete, make a list of all the houses you have found, type them out in order of cost or location. Once all this is done, the other things you will possibly needs are people who are possibly searching for shelters. Where the business comes in is for every house gotten through you, the landlord is to pay you a percentage. Or in other sense, you can add your percentage to the original house rent. Which means every transaction must be through you. But be considerate and sincere in all your dealings. Don’t forget that business is a continuous thing. Work on your reputation. Give excellent and quality service in order to sustain business.  

Getting prospective customer shouldn’t be a challenge to you. All you need to do is to made adverts which you can design at a business centre at little cost. Another thing you can do is to tell people around about what you now do. One on one advert can also do the magic. You don’t need to have a hundred customer to believe business has started, once one or two people has come it means that you in already. But don’t stop at that. Move out in search of more business. 

Everything in life starts with just a step. Don’t wait till next week if you really wish to do a thing like this. If God place it in your mind then I believe you can do it.          

LAND SALES AGENT: one of the most profitable enterprises anyone can involve in is land sales. One basic fact is that land as we all know is an asset. It does not depreciate in value no matter the circumstance. As an agent involved in the sales of landed properties, every sales is based on a commission or a percentage which is always fixed at 10% flat rate. Imagine you have the opportunity to sale a land worth a million naira. Automatically you are entitled to a hundred thousand naira. Is it not a cool business? Yes it is. But to start this business you need to know some ins and outs in order to succeed. It’s a norm, in order to excel in anything in life is paramount you learn the basics of the business first hand. So I will advice you meet someone already in the business and ask about how the business is been run.

I bet you will gain more than what you will read from anywhere. The business is quite lucrative and highly profitable to venture into.     

CONSULTANCY: no knowledge is truly a waste. Everything we’ve ever learn have an importance. I once heard of someone who learns how to write business plans sometime ago. At a point in her life she lost her job and found out that all she had left is the knowledge she had gathered some time ago about business plan writing. She then decides to venture into it and at present she is making a living from helping people.

You might have a deep knowledge on something. While not look for people who needs the knowledge of yours and render it to them as service for a fee. Sometime while doing my National Diploma at a Federal Polytechnic in the country, a corper was sent to serve in the school. We were close and after something of been friends, I decide to ask what his plan was after his youth corp service. He reluctantly told me he does not know, because he had been applying for jobs in various organization and response are not forth coming. Then I probed further and then realized this young man studies animal nutrition in the university. He blandly told me, how he knows how to make several animals feeds, breeds such animals for profiting but he does not want to do any of such but prefer a white collar job which is not forth coming.       

I advised him to take to consultancy which he refused profoundly for the fear of failure. It’s then clear to me how many unemployed out there are empowered with different skills but don’t just want to start something on their own. I believe you reading this article have something lying deep within you. Just give it expression and see your financial situation changing hands. 

EXAMINATIONAL REGISTRATION AND CHECKING: there are just too many magic the ability to operate a computer can do for anyone who can think. Presently, the examinational councils and schools have gone online. Application, checking of admission status, printing of admission letter, invitation letter and registration of all sorts are now online based. For someone who really wants to make a kobo per time this business is not bad to start all. 

Of recent I met a man who all he does for a living is going round different schools and offering to register their students for the various examinations they are to register. He told me how he registers the students of the schools for JAMB, NECO and WAEC examinations each year. That’s one of the simple business he does. He sell scratch cards for result checking, he also sell GCEs. 

You might say selling of scratch cards and GCEs needs capital to start. But if the initial idea of registering examinations for schools in mass is successful then cant the proceed from it be used to financed the later? It’s simple. But the ball now lies in your court. 

TEACHING AND TUTORING: this particular idea is as old as man. Teaching in general is beyond the class room. There are many people out who want to learn different thing which you may have knowledge of. Recently, I opt to learn a craft, basically in bag, purse and shoe making. I learn this not because I want to make use of it in term of production wise but am learning it so I can teach others somewhere else for a fee. 

You might have knowledge in different craft and skills which people might have needs of. In other word you might have knowledge in other things like Autocad drawing, photoshop, corel draw or some advance accounting programs. 

If you can open your eye wide enough you will find one or things people want to know about that you can teach for a fee. Don’t stay idle no more. Take the opportunity to grab an idea now for free at no cost. 

Thanks for taking your time to read through my blog. Am humbled. If you find this article educative and knowledgeable, please share so that other people will enjoy what you just enjoy too.

Posted by: Adeniyi Oluwaseyi 

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22 Sep


The world of business has taken a new turn in recent years. The retailers had taken their business to a new level. The long chain of business transactions from manufacturer to wholesaler then retailer had been cut short in order to maximize their profit margin. It’s no more business as usual; the long queue of waiting for a wholesaler to bring in the products and cut deep into the profit of retailers had been eliminated. Now the retailers do both the ordering and selling at the same time in order to keep the profit. But the little and simple tricks used has been hidden from the world of business in order for those individuals to monopolize and take absolute control of the general market, thereby dictating the ins and the outs of the businesses in their various regions and geographical area. 

But in true sense that’s just how business should be or run, because business in itself is more or less a competition, a place where the smartest take it all. Business as we all know is basically about rendering quality services and products for profit maximization. And where this attribute is lacking then the essence of doing it is totally defeated.   

Importation has now been made simple and easy with the coming of the internet. The internet has turned the world into a global village. Accessibility to any part of the world is at the tip of any individual’s finger. Just like a man puts it; ‘I have not step a foot out of the boarder of Nigeria but I have been to the United State of America several time from the comfort of my room. Sincerely, there are little things we can’t actually do from the comfort of our room with the rapid progress and explosion in internet technology. 

To cut long story short am going to give out some little things you need to start a profitable internet business from the comfort of your room and also receive it at same venue you input as your residential address. 



The number one thing I thought so important when starting an internet business especially the importation business is a debit card from any bank in Nigeria. What I mean by a debit card is the like of Master or Visa card. Most banks offer this to their customers while others only give it out based on request from a customer. In recent time, I found out that most people doing this business make use of either GTB master card (naira or dollars) or the UBA Africard for their respective transactions. But as an individual I have been using the GTB naira card for all my transactions.  

Obtaining this card is so easy. If you have an account with any bank in Nigeria or where ever you are, all you need to do is to walk into your bank branch and request for a master or visa card depending on the one they offer. But for the UBA Africard, all you need to do is to walk into any branch of the bank whether you have an account there or not and make your request. 

Getting the card depends on the various bank’s policies on the issuing of such cards. But from my knowledge the GT bank card can take as long as two weeks to obtain while the UBA Africard can take about two weeks for the personalized type and instant for the non personalized type. But you will require a mode of identification, which can be an international passport, the National ID card or driver’s license because this is in line with the CBN directive. Least I forget getting the UBA Africard will cost a fee, but its affordable. The fee is as low as 500 naira only.    

The card has a 10 digit number at the rear. The number found behind will serve as your account number basically for the funding of the card. Payment or depositing into the card takes place at the count like the normal way of depositing. 

A home Address: this is one of the most important things you will need, because every product you order will need an address for its delivery. Even though most courier service or company will always call you to come pick up your goods at their closest office on arrival, yet you need to provide a traceable address to enable easy location.  

In other word if your address is in a wrong format like this “P.o BOX 3245, lokogoma road” or anything similar then forget receiving your goods. If your address is not clear enough or you don’t have any, then it’s safer you use your office address or your friend’s address to ease location. Something like this is cool “No. 7 moroco road off Lokongoma Avenue, Asokoro, Abuja. 

A valid phone number: most goods are delivered directly to your door step especially if it’s free delivery. The goods will be delivered to the nearest post office to your residence and the post office workers will give you a call to come around and up your goods. So without a valid phone number they will not be able to connect to you.     



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17 Sep


POOR BUSINESS LOCATION SELECTION: business success is partly dependent on the location or the place in the business is been setup. There things products and services that will never succeed in some specific geographic regions. Needs and wants varies from place to place unless for commodities that people can’t just do without at every point in time or in day to day activities, and of such is food items which are more of needs than wants.

For a business to make an head way in its dealings, especially the young and newly birthed ones, they must make proper research to know the prominent or heating needs of people in those area before thinking of setting up their business if and if profit is one of the major focus of such enterprise.

The golden rule for every business man is this: “put yourself in your customer’s place. Orison Swett Marden. Assumptions don’t really works in businesses if really you mean what you are doing. Many had put assumptions before making deep researches about what they want or what they want to go into. Don’t assume that what they want. Its better you have your cash in the bank while you wait for the perfect time to come out, than to rush in and have you cash held down. And if there are services you want to render, make sure you are good at it and have unique or develop a something that will distinguish you from your competition. The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it. Debbi Fields.   

POOR BELIEVE SYSTEM: this particular tip is more or less like a sermon because the issue of believing what we do is one major concern in the world today. Without an individual believing in himself he cannot make a head way in life or in anything he does. Once any individual believes in himself he can attain anything. Men had been discovered to have immeasurable mental capability. The limit of a man’s mental power is that he placed on himself. The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on what they can’t do. Dennis Waitley.

One fact I have to understand is that you can’t separate a business from his owner. It’s the quality work, strength, time and dedication that a man put in his business that make it a success. So once a person you lose taste or distrust what you do then consider such a business already. You must believe in the success and prosperity of your enterprise wholeheartedly, before you can start reaping its dividends.               

         LACK OF PASSION: passion forms the bases of every successful enterprise in life. Once passion is excluded then the drive and fuel needed to keep the enterprise going can be considered gone. If as a young entrepreneur passion is not there, then the best advice is for you to back out on time before the lost will be too much on you. Harriet Tubman quotes thus: Every great begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. 

Though there many insinuation that passion alone can’t create business but the remains that without passion in your business, the zeal to wake up early each day to pursue one of the things that put cash in your pocket and retire back at night even the willingness to do more or little things that can add flavor to your business in your spare thing wouldn’t be there. When passion is lacked in your life towards your business, all you feel is drained and frustrated each time you seat to work.    



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